SharpGL 2.1

For those who are interested, I’m now starting development of SharpGL 2.1. SharpGL 2.1 will primarily be a release to implement features and fix bugs that users have added to the Codeplex site. The actual features and bugs that’ll be sorted are on the CodePlex site – just search for release ‘SharpGL 2.1′.

This will also be the first release of SharpGL that will be published on Nuget.

Dave Kerr


  1. I’m trying to use SharpGL to test to see if I can use it to devlope an application
    is there more samples or documents regarding how to use the functions
    especially polygons and such


    • Hi,

      There are a dozen or so samples in the main project on sharpgl.codeplex.com – there are samples that deal with the basics (lighting, textures etc) as well as polygons and manipulation (see the ‘tools’ projects, one of them is a basic 3D modeller) – let me know how you get on!

  2. Hi Dave! thanks for your hard work to make opengl wraper. It really helps me to make interface of attitude of aircraft!
    But, Now I have problem. I still can’t load 3Ds file. Even I try it with your sample code. I can’t map the texture to the polygon too. And when I try to load some .obj or .cob file, I get error. It says about the alpha value more than the range (0-255). How to solve this? Thanks in advance. :)

    • Thanks for the message – at the moment I don’t have the time to actively work on sharpgl so I’d suggest that the best course of action is to raise the issue on the codeplex forum and see if anyone else has encountered it. It’ll be a few months before I can look into it myself I’m afraid!

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