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Space Invaders

JavaScript HTML CSS

Space Invaders is my version of the classic arcade game. It's all written in JavaScript and makes a good starting point for your own games.

Check it out.

Space Invaders on GitHub.


JavaScript HTML CSS

Starfield is a JavaScript class that turns a div into an animated starfield. I extracted this from my Space Invaders experiment because it's actually not needed for the game, and I wanted to keep the game lightweight.

Check it out.

Starfield on GitHub.

HTML5 Base


The HTML5 Base is a very small HTML5 with some css that is a baseline for simple HTML5 page. It uses a css reset to clean up and standardise margins, as well as a typography css file to give tidy font sizes. Links are shown in blue without underlines, unless they're hovered on. This is generally the base for all HTML pages I use.

See the example page.

HTML5Base on GitHub.