Changing Merge/Compare Tools in TFS

Moving from SVN to TFS has been an interesting experience. The integration of source control directly into Visual Studio seems like a good thing, but even on a well set up network it can occasionally bring Visual Studio to its knees. And I still don’t trust its automerge.

Anyway, if you find that the TFS diff and merge tools are just too ugly and odd to work with, there’s a great page on the MSDN blogs that describes how to set Visual Studio to use your preferred tool:


Welcome back TortoiseMerge, I’ve missed you.


Getting Source Code Metrics from SVN

Lets say that we need to find out how many lines of code exist in a branch, or how many lines are checked in by a specific user. Let’s ignore the usefulness of these metrics, just assume that they’re needed (realistically, lines of code isn’t a very useful metric, but perhaps you want to have a quick idea of how much has gone into a release). How do we do this?

TortoiseSVN statistics aren’t really enough. Here’s some alternatives:

I’d recommend taking a look at FishEye if you’re going to go to the effort of getting these statistics. Any comments on alternatives would be welcome!